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A thistle seed floated through the air.
A thistle seed with a message fair.
"Go your way in peace.
People heal and people grow.
What places they reach
You'll never know.
Some will forgive
And some will not.
Some souls shine
And some will rot.
Just be the best you can be
And I will do the same for me.
So, worry not about the harm you meant not to do.
There is one who has forgiven you."

Please feel free to send this thistle onward
so it may someday reach the person this
message was meant for.

Or just send it to someone you need to forgive.

Below is the story behind the thistle.
It is a tale of death, bitterness,
rebirth and, of course, forgiveness.

The Eulogy
The Beginning

The Farmhouse

A Confession

The River

The Pilgrimage

The Spring

The City

The Resurrection

The Tree


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