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Eulogy for a Princess

January 4th, 2000

You were born from dreams and moonlight.
A fragile creature of thought and shadow,
Peering out of your tower of fantasies,
Reaching out for the sunlight to make you real.

You represented everything magical in me.
A blend of ideals too impractical and flimsy
To work in this world of conflict and woe.
Yours was a world of myths and empty vows.

But I live in a world of actions and duties
Of problems to be solved - not neglected -
Of demands and compromises and contradictions.
There will be no fairy tale endings for me.

I admired your persistant hope and loyalty.
I cried when your heart was smashed and broken.
I tried to heal you, but you were too far gone.
Finally, I had to banish you to eternal slumber.

So, sleep my sweet little princess, sleep.
Fairy tales were never meant to come true.
Dream of your princes and castles shining bright.
Know that I will always be fond of you.

A Confession

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