February 12, 2000
Been busy and depressed. Have a few projects in the works, one being the Pilgrimage and another my life history. I also wrote a short story using the characters of my practice novel. It was a rather dark piece, but fascinating.

I was finally hired on permanently. It will be a few more months before I will have medical insurance again. I am making as much as my soon to be (I hope! I hope!) exhusband and it is very possible that I may get promoted to another position within the next three months that will pay even more. The job is not without its stresses, but at least it is stable.

Talked with my lawyer Friday. He still hasn't heard back from my husband's lawyer, who now lives on the other side of the state. If we don't hear anything within the next week, we're setting a court date. If they don't show up, we get things our way.

My daughter has a minor speech impediment and a learning disability. She can't be tested for it until next year, but things are pointing to dyslexia. She's now in a special reading program and has some special tutors available when she needs it. She's doing a lot better in school now.

I found the tool my husband said the kids took and mailed it back to him with a very stern letter, which I copied to my lawyer. I mailed it with the copies of our daughter's testing results and such. He did admit to getting the papers, so I know he had to get the rest. He is still a selfish jerk, but at least he had the decency to come here and participate in a very special ceremony for our daughter. I was amazed at his civilness, but too cynical to see it as a change of heart. But maybe we can have a civil ex-relationship for the sake of the kids.

My son did something I am very proud of last month. After grading a fellow classmate's paper, he realized he had marked one of the answers wrong. He felt so bad that he burst into tears, but instead of beating himself up, he went to the teacher and told her the grade was wrong and then apologized to his classmate. Both told him not to worry about it. I think the teacher may had told him that it was good that he was sensitive to the feelings of others, because that weekend he and I talked about it. The following Monday, he was very proud of himself and was not ashamed to be sensitive and show feelings. He has been less moody since then.

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