Verbal Attack Pattern 9
"A person who (X) (Y)."


  • "There is a set of people who (X) and you aren't one of them."
  • "You have not done (Y) to satisfaction."
  • "That's seems perfectly reasonable," in full Computer Mode.
  • Stay in Computer Mode.
  • Never identify yourself with (X) or (Y), if possible.
This will either confuse them, cause them to continue in Computer Mode, or force them into Blamer Mode. As long as you continue In Computer Mode, while they are in Blamer, you have the upper hand. Otherwise, practice talking bull.

"A person who really takes the safety of his family seriously would never buy one of those compact sedans--I tell you that from long experience." (Computer Mode)
Possible Response:
"That seems perfectly reasonable to me."
"Then you'll be wanting one of our larger models."
"No, I want one of the little ones, thanks."
Another Example:
"A person who has serious emotional problems cannot possibly be expected to deal with the constant pressure and tension in this particular department."
"I couldn't agree with you more. The problem is, of course, deciding how a situation of this kind should be dealt with."

You have change the atmosphere by introducing the presupposition that not only are the two of you in agreement, but you have in mind a particular person--not yourself--about whom the two of you that has a serious emotional problem. Your opponent is in an awkward position, since they have no clue who you are talking about and asking you would make them look foolish.

A No-Content Computer Mode "Shield"
"It seems probable in certain particular cases, that it is possible to take in account the significance. However, when weighed against the other choices, it's outcome may not be obvious. Therefore, further study maybe necessary."

Such BS is very useful when both combatants are in full Computer Mode. When your opponent gives you one of these, just sit back and reply with:
"Except, of course, (X)."
(X) being something like: "when you convert to Metric", or "in the newer models", or "when you account for the significant error" and so on.

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