Verbal Attack Pattern 8
"WHY do you always (X)?"
"WHY don't you ever (X)?"


  • "(X) is a bad thing."
  • "You do (X)."
  • "You have a reason for doing (X)."
  • "You must tell the reason for (X)."
  • Take your opponent's ball and run with it. (See first example)
  • Provide a reason that is completely ridiculous, as a way of demonstrating that you don't intend to play this silly game. (2nd example)
  • If it can be done, and it's worth the trouble, prove the accusation wrong. (3rd example)

"WHY do you always act like you're the MOST important PERSON in the ROOM?"

Possible Response:

"I think it must be because I'm so egotistical. I really don't think about anyone but myself, you know, and so it's natural for me to behave that way. People who are concerned about others think of others, and that's very interesting. But personally, I am only concerned about myself." Maintain a relaxed pose and avoid any abnormal stresses, and you have left your attacker with nothing really to say.

Another Example:
"WHY don't you ever consider anybody ELSE's feelings?"
"Because it rains so much in the South, especially on the railroad tracks."

Last Example:
"WHY don't you ever do anything to make me happy?"
"Okay, let's go spend the weekend at your cousin Terry's place."
"Are you kidding! I don't WANT to visit Terry!"
"That wouldn't make you happy? Okay, we won't do it."

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