Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 14:36:06 +0100
From: "Sam Vaknin, Ph.D." (
Subject: Sites regarding Pathological Narcissism and Personality Disorders
To: (

Thank you very much for mentioning my FAQs in your fascinating journal. Today I referred my list members to your web site - it is an exquisite description of what it is like to live with a narcissist.

Can I interest you in adding my book (available from Barnes and Noble) to your Good Books section (see separate message)?

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Liberated New Year!


Permission to reprint/mirror content from my web sites included!

Just visited your interesting site in which you deal with Mental Health Issues.

Thought you might find the following of interest (apologies if I am imposing):

I maintain extensive websites regarding Pathological Narcissism, NPD and Personality Disorders.

I would appreciate if you could visit them and add them to your links.

Additionally, feel free to re-print or mirror any of the material subject to appropriate credit and link-back.

These are the main web addresses (they are updated regularly - last time was yesterday):
(Dozens of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pathological Narcissism, NPD and Personality Disorders - upon accessing the page, please scroll down to review a complete list)

(A psychodynamic study of Narcissism, using a new vocabulary - a bit difficult if you haven't gone through the FAQs first)
(The Narcissism Discussion List page)
(Excerpts from the Archives of the Narcissism List)

(This is the first page. At the bottom of each page, there is a link to the next page of excerpts - there are currently 33 such pages but pages are added periodically).
(The main Gate to all my sites - download more that 5 Mb of material about Pathological Narcissism, NPD and Personality Disorders FREE)

You can also search my entire site:

Go to:
and click on the words "Search My Site" (in blue text).

The full archives of the Narcissism List (thousands of articles) are available at:

To search the archives of the Narcissism List -
Go here:
and click on the words "Search the Archives of the Narcissism List" (in blue text).

My Narcissistic Personality Disorder Suite101 site (discussions, journal entries and links):

Philosophical essays, some of them concerned with mental health, can befound here:

Online tutorials regarding the Narcissistic personality Disorder (NPD) - based on "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" - HERE:

Pathological Narcissism - Beginners` Level

Pathological Narcissism - Intermediate Level

Pathological Narcissism - Advanced Level

Or, on my LearnCentre HERE (select "Online Courses"):

Download a complete course in 150 lessons and dozens of links to valuable web sites - it's FREE - click HERE:

Finally, why not download a Pathological Narcissism Primer and Glossary (To view - a Babylon browser is needed and can be downloaded here: ):

Thank you again,


Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. or