The Sequel to My Fairy Tale

Marcy walks through her crystal palace surrounded by lush plants. The kitten is now the size of a lion. He is strong and kind. Marcy sings with Dan, the wind, as she cares for her little kingdom. The sunbeams and clouds visit her frequently.

One day, Dan asks Marcy to go on a picnic with him. Marcy follows Dan to a small lake with a waterfall.

"This is beautiful," Marcy says.

"Thank you," Dan says. "I worked a long time to create it."

"You made this? Dan, you are amazing! I'm surprised you had any time to spend inspiring me."

"Inspiration works boths ways," he says.

Marcy smiles. "Well, I hope I have been as inspiring to you as you have been to me."

"More than you realize."

Marcy sets out everything for the picnic, sits down, and sighs.

"I wish you could join me, Dan. I feel rude eating in front of you, even if you are only moving air."

Dan blows Marcy's hair. "Come to the lake," he says.

"I need your help, Marcy," he continues. "I have created this lake so I can take human form and walk among mankind."

"Dan," answers Marcy, "you have helped me when I needed it. I would be honored to help you with this."

"Then, please scoop up some lake mud and place it on the flat rock near the waterfall, so I can shape it."

Marcy gives the potato salad to a friendly bear and uses the bowl to scoop out the mud. The bear decides to help Marcy and soon they have a man-sized pile of mud on the rock. Dan blows the mud into shape. When the mud becomes too dry to work with, Marcy and the bear splash water from the waterfall on it.

When Dan has the mud into the shape he wants, he calls to the sunbeams. "I am about to enter this form," he says. "When I do, I want you to bake this mud for me."

Dan enters the mud-form and the sunbeams help him to transform it into flesh. While they are busy, Marcy retrieves the picnic blanket and gives it to some other sunbeams, who make it into some clothes for Dan. When they are done, Dan, the human, steps off the rock and walks over to Marcy.

"What do you think?" he asks her.

"You look wonderful!"

Dan blushes. He and Marcy have a wonderful afternoon. As the sun begins to set, Dan becomes concerned.

"I am human and now I have no protection from the elements. May I live with you until I can create a home of my own?"

"Dan," Marcy says, "you have lived in the crystal palace as long as I have. It is your home too, and I would be lonely without you."

So, Dan and Marcy go back to the crystal palace and live happily in an atmosphere conducive to love and growth.

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