This is where I'm going to post the first two exercises from "The Mythic Path by David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner.

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Remembering the Myths of Generations Past

In this exercise, I imagine myself as different ancestors and ask them the following four questions:

1) What are your primary sources of satistfaction?
2) How do you understand your position within your society--its limitations, privileges, and responsibilites?
3) What is important for you to accomplish before you die?
4) If you look to a nonhuman source to explain human destiny, what is its nature?

My Mother
1) Praise, exercising my influence, and being the center of attention.
2) A matriarch and dispenser of wisdom.
3) To be revered and honored.
4) A God who shows favoritism with shortcuts.

Great Grandma "C"
1) Music, outwitting people, and games.
2) Matriarch and loner.
3) Outliving my enemies.
4) A stern and unyielding God.

Great Grandpa "A"
1) My children and helping people.
2) Pharmacist, physician's helper, ministering angel to the desperate and ill, and a role model.
4) A kind and compassionate God.

1) Solving problems and creating things.
2) Dependable provider and problem solver.
3) To live comfortably.
4) An unintrusive and passive God.

Grandma "G"
1) Music and puzzles.
2) A counselor and healer.
3) To be happy.
4) Random fate.

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