October 8, 2000
It's been over three weeks since CPS interrogated me and to the best of my knowledge, they still haven't talked to him. I had to let him have the kids last weekend.

Right before that, I found out that my normally sweet and courteous son has picked up a very disturbing habit that points to these charges might be true. I called to set up counseling for my son and that office kept asking me why CPS let my children go with their father unsupervised, even though I had left messages and asked for a response. All I could tell them was that I didn't know.

Both children were interviewed separately with me in the room. My son says he learned the behavior from some kids at school. He shows to be under a great deal of stress. He will be spending five seesions with a play therapist. My daughter seems fine, though, and it has been decided that it was just coincidental that these things happened at the same time and that the original report was false.

And if I ever find out the idiot who did it, I will be very tempted to physical violence. Because that is almost the most evil thing you can do to a child - plunge them into a sexual abuse investigation with no solid proof. Yes, the workers handle it correctly and I have a social worker working with me, but I still think who ever did this in the first place is extremely sick.

I now only have six teeth. Last Monday, I went to the dental college and they were very wonderful to me. They gave me advice that I wish I had been given when I was a teenager about caring for my teeth depending on some specific conditions I was born with. And the students were so sweet - though I don't like one instructor. Everyone seemed very understanding and personable. Though it takes longer to get stuff done when your dental care is being done by "committee". I will get my sutures out tomorrow morning. It will be several weeks before I will actually get my dentures. Yet I can still talk very clearly.

The divorce has not happened yet. The final papers have been drawn up and are with my husband's lawyer for him to look over and sign. They have been there for over a week. We have not heard anything from them yet. I did find out that my mother in-law is paying for the lawyer, though. I also got a call from the man who we supposedly leased our house to last year. He left a message making it sound like he had actually bought the house (which would had been hard without my signature) and gave me two numbers with an area code I don't recognize. I am going to see if my lawyer can talk to him.

Another thing that has happened - again last Monday - my son was coughing and I needed to get some medicine for him to take to school. I had rushed them out the door and into the truck. I had only backed the truck a few feet, when I ran into another vehicle that was actually on the wrong side of the lane. They didn't speak English and I don't have insurance. I can't pay for the repairs - especially at the price their boss quoted me. If I had that money, I would have had insurance. It was only a tap, but it was near the gas cap.

To make things worse, they are deliberately parking in front of my apartment and hanging out. My nerves can't handle much more of this. If one more bad thing happens to me, I don't think I can handle it. I really want to stop existing right now. I only continue to live because of my children. Without them, there is no point to going on...

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