My Fairy Tale

There was a little girl who lived in a crystal palace, where everything was bright and clear. The wind made pretty sounds as it played in the halls. The wind called the little girl "Marcy" and the little girl called the wind "Dan".

One day, Marcy went into a cave to get some cookies she helped the troll put in a cookie jar there. The lid of the jar was very heavy and it slipped out of her hand and broke in two. The sound woke the troll. Enraged, the troll knocked Marcy to the ground and jumped on her.

Marcy was very scared and did her best not to make the troll angry, but the troll was always angry. So, Marcy stopped living in the crystal palace and stayed in the cave all the time, working hard to make the troll happy.

The days went by and Marcy became weak and pale. She did everything she could think of to make the troll happy, but nothing worked. Marcy began to realize that she was dying inside.

Then one day, a sunbeam came inside the cave to find Marcy. Marcy looked at the sunbeam with tears in her eyes, for she no longer had the strength to play with him. But the sunbeam wouldn't go away. It begged her to follow him. Marcy didn't want to go - she was afraid to leave the troll. The sunbeam tickled her nose and made her smile. Marcy began to feel stronger, but she still was very weak.

The sunbeam played little games with Marcy to make her smile. The more Marcy smiled, the stronger she became. Soon, Marcy began to stand up straight and walk around. This scared the troll and it tried to make her weak again, but the sunbeam warmed her heart and kept her strong.

Stronger now, Marcy saw that living in the cave with the troll was killing her. She needed more than just the sunbeam to stay alive. So, she snuck out of the cave with the sunbeam while the troll was asleep.

Outside of the cave, the sunbeam was join by several other sunbeams who had missed Marcy a great deal. The sunbeams hugged Marcy and dragged her away from the cave, before the troll could stop her from leaving.

The sunbeams took Marcy to a golden stairway and told her to climb it. As she climbed, she felt hungry. Dan, the wind, blew a basket of food to her and told to eat. Marcy ate the food and her body began to heal itself.

Marcy climbed higher up the golden stairway, before she hurt her foot. The sunbeams made her sit down and bandaged her foot. Marcy didn't want to sit still, but the sunbeams insisted.

Once her foot was better, Marcy started climbing again. She climbed quickly because she wanted to make up the time she lost while waiting for her foot to heal. She pushed herself to exhaustion and slipped off the golden stairway.

The clouds caught Marcy and gently scolded her for her foolishness. They told her to go to sleep and let her body rejuvenate itself. Marcy curled up on top of the clouds and went to sleep.

When Marcy woke up, the clouds took her back to the stairway and she started climbing again. Dan told her that it didn't matter when she made it to the top, as long as she kept climbing.

Marcy listened to Dan. She made sure she ate when she was hungry and slept when she was tired. She grew stronger and felt happier.

One day, Marcy found a lost kitten. She carried the kitten as she climbed. She gave the kitten most of her food, but there was not enough for both of them and soon Marcy was weak. A seagull landed on the stairway in front of her, blocking her path.

"Why do you feed the kitten so much, when you are the one climbing?" it asked.

"Because the kitten was hungry," Marcy answered.

"But you need the food more. The kitten is too small to make it without you. If you starve yourself, you cannot help the kitten."

"Won't the kitten starve?" Marcy asked.

"No, because you will be able to find more food if you are stronger."

Marcy thought about it and realized that the seagull was right. She began to eat more and became strong enough to find food for herself and the kitten.

When Marcy reaches the top of the golden stair case, she ia surprised to find herself in front of the cave again. The troll is in the entrance, yelling at her to take care of it.

"No," she says, "for I see now that by doing everything for you, I have made you too weak to face the sun and without the sun, you will become sick and die."

"I don't need the sun," harrumphed the troll. "You are suppose to take care of me and make me happy."

"I cannot make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy. Only you can make yourself well again."

"But I will be all alone!"

"If you behave yourself, I will visit and make cookies with you. But I belong in the crystal palace with my kitten. I cannot live in the cave with you."

With that, Marcy went back to the crystal palace and went about putting it back in order. Dan blew out all the trash that had settled in it and the kitten helped Marcy to polish everything. The Marcy decided to decorate the palace with plants.

Several months later, the troll came to the crystal palace for a visit. It was amazed at how beautiful everything looked. Marcy invited the troll to dinner. Though dinner went relatively well, the troll was still inconsiderate and coarse. After dinner, the troll asked if it could live with Marcy in her palace.

"No," Marcy said. "This is my palace and although you are welcome to visit, you cannot live here with me. If you wish, I can give you some cuttings from some of my plants and you can grow them in your cave. Just make sure they get enough water and sunshine and your cave can be beautiful on its own."

The troll was not happy, but it left because it knew that Marcy would never take care of it again. Marcy, Dan, the kitten, the sunbeams, and the clouds lived happily and the troll found someone else to take care of it.

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